On this Foreship’s Whistleblowing page you are able to file Whistleblowing report if you have any knowledge or suspicion of misconduct or an attempt to conceal such misconduct related to Foreship. Please kindly review Foreship’s Whistleblowing Policy prior to filing your report.

Foreship’s Whistleblowing Channel is available in three languages English, Finnish and Swedish. The Whistleblowing Channel directs you to provide the information necessary for the processing of your disclosure. Please kindly answer the questions as accurately as possible. Your assistance is highly appreciated.

Submit your disclosure to the Whistleblowing Channel from the following link:

In English

For reporting in Finnish or Swedish, please choose language from the dropdown menu available.

Foreship’s Whistleblowing Channel is maintained by external service providers, HH Partners Attorneys-at-law and Lantero AB. Due to fact that the Whistleblowing Channel is provided by external service providers, the person reviewing your disclosure is an impartial, independent and professional expert.

The review and reporting of your disclosure to Foreship will be performed by HH Partners’ independent expert. If you have enabled communication with the expert through the Whistleblowing Channel, the expert may request further information from you through the Whistleblowing Channel. Accordingly, in case you have enabled communication, you will be informed of the receipt of your disclosure and you will later receive feedback on any follow-up actions taken by Foreship based on your disclosure.

Please note that if you express your suspicion and participate in the investigation of misconducts in good faith you will not be subject to negative sanctions and you will be protected by Foreship. Misuse of the Whistleblowing Channel, i.e. filing deliberately false disclosure is considered a breach that can lead to further action against you.