On this Foreship’s Whistleblowing page you are able to file Whistleblowing report if you have any knowledge or suspicion of misconduct or an attempt to conceal such misconduct related to Foreship. Please kindly review Foreship’s Whistleblowing Policy prior to filing your report.

Also, please read Foreship's Privacy Notice for Whistleblowing Channel which covers covers the collection, use, disclosure and other processing of any personal data that acquired or made available in a whistleblowing process initiated through our channel or otherwise.

Summary of Foreship’s Whistleblowing Channel Policy

At Foreship we are committed to high level of ethics and integrity in conducting our business operations. We understand that this is crucial to our continued success and reputation. Our values, principles and policies guide our everyday business operations. We have a professional responsibility to speak up, report any possible corrupt, illegal or other undesirable conduct and take required actions after such conduct is discovered. This Foreship’s Whistleblowing Policy is an important tool in discovering such conduct. Foreship strongly encourages you to speak up if you suspect or witness any such behavior, activities or conduct. Foreship will take all reports made under this Policy seriously.

If you make a whistleblowing report in accordance with Foreship’s Whistleblowing Policy – (available in the Foreship intranet), we have a responsibility, as closer defined in this Policy, to protect you, including not disclosing your identity and ensuring you are not subject to any retaliations.

The Policy sets out how Foreship provides you with an effective, objective, confidential and secure reporting channel, “Whistleblowing Channel” allowing you to express your concerns or suspicions openly and safely. On the Whistleblowing Channel you are also advised how to make a report, how you are informed on the follow-up actions and how you are protected. Foreship reviews the Policy and the Whistleblowing Channel from time to time in order to ensure their accuracy and proper and reliable functioning.

The Whistleblowing Channel is not for reporting your personal work-related grievances such as grievances that relate to your employment contract or to occupational safety and health. Other Foreship’s policies and ways to report apply to such. Accordingly, the Whistleblowing Channel is not to be used for giving general feedback to Foreship.

Concerns and Suspicions to be Reported

Whistleblowing Channel is a channel where you can report breaches specified in the Whistleblowing Directive and Act on [Protection of a Whistleblower], for instance, money laundering, offering or accepting bribes and privacy related breaches.

The Whistleblowing Channel is available to you 24/7 at: https://lantero.report/new/foreship. The questions presented in the Whistleblowing Channel in connection with filing of your report will guide you to give information that is necessary for investigating and handling your report. Kindly answer to all questions as accurately as possible.

Eligible Whistleblower

You can file a report if you - by virtue of their work-related activities - have had access to information on breaches. This includes, for instance, current and former employees, agency workers, job applicants, trainees, contractors and suppliers (or their employees or subcontractors).

How is your report handled?

In order to create a credible channel, to ensure objectivity of handling of reports and to avoid the possibility that the report would be handled by a person somehow connected to the reported Breach, Foreship has chosen to use the third-party service providers to provide and maintain the Whistleblowing Channel. The technical whistleblowing platform is provided by Lantero AB and the initial handling of reports is handled by HH Partners Attorneys-at-law. Due to this chosen third party service-provider arrangement the persons who are authorized to receive and perform the initial handling of your report are impartial, independent and professional. After the initial handling, Foreship’s representative will decide on the required further investigations and actions to be taken by Foreship.

What protection is available to you as a whistleblower?

You are provided the following protection:

  • Protection of your identity unless you have explicitly expressed that your identity can be disclosed;
  • Protection from any retaliation meaning any negative consequences or threats and attempts of retaliation;
  • Possible compensation and remedies in case of retaliation
  • Possible protection against Civil, criminal and administrative liability.

Can you use Whistleblowing Channel anonymously?

You can file a report on suspected Breach and its potential perpetrator anonymously through our Whistleblowing Channel. All reports coming through the Whistleblowing Channel are confidential meaning that Foreship will protect and keep your identity and the identity of any third party possibly mentioned in your report confidential. The reporting service is entirely independent of the organization to ensure that it is impossible to find out who is behind a report, for example by tracking IP addresses. The Whistleblowing Channel provides the following three alternatives:

1.Providing an e-mail address to receive notifications of new questions or information

2. Full anonymity

3. Disclosure of your identity

Initial Handling of the Report

After your report has been initially received and handled by the Service Provider, the Service Provider may further report the case to at least two (2) Handlers of Foreship. The report will be treated as confidential in accordance with this Policy. The chosen representatives at Foreship Oy are:

  • Chairman of the Board; 
  • Members of the Board; and
  • CEO.

Since this Policy and Whistleblowing Channel cover all legal entities in the Foreship group of companies, in addition to persons listed above, each affiliated legal entity has appointed its own representatives (acting in same or similar position as the ones listed above) to act as representatives of such legal entity. The Service Provider will take this into consideration as to which legal entity the report concerns when deciding the correct person to whom information related to the report will be delivered.