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Personal Data Protection Register Description (GDPR)
This data protection description is also a register description according to article 10 of the personal data law (523/1999).

1. Register Holder
Foreship Ltd, Suolakivenkatu 1, 00810 Helsinki, Finland
+358 20 730 9090
Business ID: 1773739-1

2. Contact Person in Register Matters
Lauri Haavisto
Foreship Group Ltd.
+358 40 056 0318

3. Register Name
Foreship Ltd Customer Register

4. Purpose of  Personal Data Processing
The purpose of the register data use is to manage/handle and maintain the relationship between the service supplier and its user (customer) as well as to plan and develope the company's business.

5. Register Data ContentName (first and surname)
Invoicing and delivery address (street, POB, place and country)
E-post address
Telephone number
Customer's purchases (product, date and further specific information regarding the purchase)

6. Normal Data Sources
The register data is submitted by the customer himself in connection with inquiries or when closing a contract.

7. Normal Assignment of Data
Normally register data is not assigned to outsiders.

8. Transferring Data Outside EU or ETA
Basically Foreship Ltd does not share data to third parties. Basically data is not assigned outside EU or ETA.

On some occasions data may be transferred to countries outside the EU or the European Economic Area (EEA). Foreship will ensure the adequate level of data protection in such cases.

9. Register Protection Principles
Access to the register is possible only through the register holder's personal rights. The customer's data can be accessed only by specifically mentioned individuals who need this information for carrying out their duties.

10. Control Entitlement
Principally everyone has the right to check the data stored about him in the personal data register. The request should be made in writing to e-mail

11. Entitlement to Require Correction of Data
Everyone has the right to require correction of false register data or to totally remove it. The request should be made in writing to e-mail

12. Further Personal Data Processing Rights
According to article 30 in the Personal Data Law the registered is entitled to forbid the register holder from processing data concerning himself for direct advertising, web sales and other direct marketing as well as for marketing and opinion survey and also for personal year books and genealogy.

11 Use of cookies
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