Foreship Project Management Services equip vessel owners with expanded refurbishment capabilities

Expanded project management services which leverage Foreship’s naval architecture and engineering competencies are proving advantageous for several 2024 dry docks, according to Foreship LLC.

The US-based business – a subsidiary of Helsinki-headquartered Foreship - has offices in Fort Lauderdale and Seattle, and is providing project management support to some of the industry’s leading cruise lines. Brendan Harris, Director of Project Management Services, Foreship LLC, attributed this in part to Foreship’s ability to leverage its established position in the industry and fill the “human capital vacuum” left by Covid.

“If the cruise sector was the industry most affected by Covid, ship refurbishment was its most severely impacted segment,” he said. “Many high performing project teams were dissolved and rebuilding them can be an arduous process. Now that owners have regained their appetite for large CAPEX projects, having a well-prepared project management force is critical. Foreship is well positioned to support these projects with its pool of 100+ marine professional resources to draw from.”

Foreship’s project managers follow conversions through their entire lifecycle from initiation to closure, liaising between the client and vendors to ensure that projects fulfill all stakeholder requirements while costs and quality are carefully controlled. During their work on board, project managers take the role of owner representatives, undertaking area management, supervision, and validation of installations.  

Some clients have well-established systems for managing projects that the Foreship team operate within, while others seek Foreship’s assistance in establishing new standard operating procedures, Harris noted.

“We aim to be a flexible and integrated resource to clients that adds value to their projects. To do this we have to recognize that customer approaches differ. While providing area management on two major drydocks this year, we’re also providing ‘advisory services’ to supplement project development processes, for example.”

Exposure to various vendors, dry docks, cruise lines and industry segments have given Foreship an “industry-wide perspective” to formalize best practices that benefit clients.

“Project management is a method of process control and risk mitigation,” said Harris. “Our industry operates in a complex environment with many moving parts. Adding value means ensuring client projects obtain class society approval, deliver a positive guest experience and achieve financial targets.”

Harris joined Foreship in September 2022 with a mission to grow the ship refurbishment and conversion activities the group manages from the US. His previous roles involved +50 cruise and ferry dry dock refurbishments, leading a $100 million cruise refurbishment for NCL and fleet upgrades for BC Ferry Services.