A technology specialist for decarbonization

Former Foreship Head of Project Management Viktor Gingsjö has returned to the company as Senior Specialist, Technology & Decarbonization, in a new role that takes full advantage of his broad experience as a sustainable ship technology specialist, a Chief Engineer, and in project management.

Viktor Gingsjö, Senior Specialist, Technology & DecarbonizationThe Covid 19 lull in cruise ship projects, together with the completion of a high-profile newbuild, coincided with a tempting invitation for Viktor to take a break from Foreship last year, to join the Wallenius Marine team developing the rigid sail-powered Orcelle Wind pure car and truck carrier (PCTC). Tight-lipped on the shipboard power plant that is flexible enough to work with the unpredictable energy source, he nonetheless returns to Foreship on a mission to keep sustainable technology at the heart of his career path.    

“I always knew that if the right opportunity presented itself to come back to Foreship, I would take it,” he says. “In my previous role with the company, I focused on the needs of one client at a time; now, my attention is on all our clients because they are all prioritizing sustainability. They need informed and reality-based support to find, evaluate and implement the right solutions. I’m using my knowledge, my operational experience onboard ship, my project management skills and my work at the sharp end of developing sub-systems for sustainability to advise owners at the concept stage on what is possible.” 

During his first weeks after returning to the Foreship fold, there is certainly plenty of pioneering design work for more sustainable shipping to be getting on with. “We are working to optimize every aspect of energy consumption, as regardless of fuel used, minimized consumption will be key from a financial perspective. We are involved in forward-looking developments such as megawatt scale fuel cells for ship hotel loads, for example. We’re also doing significant work on power production efficiency that will have a major impact on investment decisions for next generation cruise ships.

“In addition, I’m taking a personal interest in the development of safety requirements for new fuel alternatives and technology, which need to be market-ready, but also robust.”