Foreship® Consulting Services cover the complete shipbuilding project. Examples of the services we provide include:

  • Feasibilty studies for newbuilding and conversion projects
  • Machinery studies for different machinery alternatives, ballast water treatment systems, LNG-machinery and similar
  • Consultation for newbuilding projects, including specification review and development, 3rd party analysis, support in meetings and negotiations. See also our “Concept and Project Design” Services.
  • Hull form review; with our extensive statistics we can verify your project is among the best references.
  • Plan and documentation updates (safety plans, diagrams, evacuation calculations…)
  • Stability support: lightweight surveys and inclining test, updates of stability documentation, stability problem solving, stability improvement proposals and alternatives. We have several skilled theory engineers and use NAPA-software.
  • Vibration measurements on newbuildings and on existing ships for compliance verification and for problem solving. We use professional VIBXpert II measurement equipment.
  • Energy saving surveys, utilizing also extensive data logging equipment.
  • Specialized general, structural, hydrodynamic, stability, electrical, machinery and HVAC analysis, for vessel construction, conversion and operation.
  • Safety related analysis, such as safety improvement of existing fleet or review of Safe Return to Port concepts.
  • Review and approval of shipyard prepared documentation and site supervision.
  • Expert consultancy on regulatory developments, interpretation and ramifications for shipowners. Our involvement in most of the recent newbuilding keeps us at the forefront of regulatory development.