12. Nov 2013

Foreship acquires Queo Consulting Ltd.

Foreship announces the acquisition of Queo Consulting Ltd., a highly-experienced electrical engineering company located in Mariehamn, Åland. Queo Consulting covers various areas of electrical design, ranging from feasibility studies to basic and detail design as well as site supervision. Turnover of the 2007 established company amounted to around € 1,0 million in 2012; the company’s 12 employees are based in offices in Mariehamn (Åland), Kaarina (Finland) and Miami (US).

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03. Oct 2013

Super-Low Resistance Hull Form for Bluetech 42

Foreship BlueTech Ltd. and Foreship Ltd. have jointly developed a new super-low resistance hull form for the BLUETECH 42 bulk carrier. The hull has low resistance through the speed range - not only at the design speed. This gives the benefit for owners and operators to choose the speed based on their needs, as every speed is ECO-Speed.

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22. Sep 2013

Eero Mäkinen joins Foreship Sales and Marketing team

Foreship is pleased to announce that former STX Finland Senior Vice President of Marketing, Mr. Eero Mäkinen, has joined Foreship as Senior Advisor of Sales and Marketing from September 17, 2013. Eero has 45 years of experience in the international shipbuilding industry and he brings extensive experience to the Company's global marketing and public relations. "We're delighted to welcome Eero to work with us through his consulting company Emmanoa Ltd. and look forward to his contributions supporting our expansion into new international markets as well as strengthening our name in our established markets," said Lauri Haavisto, Foreship Managing Director.

01. Jun 2013

New managing director Lauri Haavisto

Foreship has appointed Mr. Lauri Haavisto as Managing Director from June 1st, 2013. He comes from Merima Ltd. where he held the position of Managing Director. Mr. Haavisto has worked for Foreship previously, in 2007-2010. Markus Aarnio will continue as SVP Ship Technology and as Chairman of the Board of Foreship Ltd.

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01. May 2013

Foreship Ltd. awarded DNV ISO 9001:2008 certification

Foreship Ltd. has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification by DNV Business Assurance, for ship design and engineering services. The ISO 9001 standard applies to the processes in an organisation which have an impact on quality and it emphasises continual improvement and customer satisfaction.

26. Feb 2013

Foreship BlueTech Ltd. has signed a cooperation agreement with RS Platou AS

Foreship BlueTech Ltd. has signed a cooperation agreement with RS Platou AS on wordwide marketing of the Sea Dragon bulk carriers, Platou being the exclusive broker representing the designs. For more information, please contact Mr. Totto Hartman or Mr. Henning Walstadt at Platou Oslo, or Petri Hakulinen at Foreship BlueTech.

01. Feb 2013

Foreship BlueTech Ltd. for Efficient Cargo Ship Designs

Foreship BlueTech Ltd. is a company founded by Foreship Ltd. and key employees of BlueTech, Foreship Ltd. being the largest shareholder. BlueTech specializes in efficient and eco-friendly cargo ship standard designs, while all other business areas remain at Foreship Ltd. Mr. Petri Hakulinen will head the new company.

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21. Jan 2013

Expertise for the Offshore Industry

Foreship is pleased to announce it is expanding its services in the offshore oil and gas industry. We have a solid track record in the provision of design services for offshore accommodation units and multipurpose offshore supply/icebreaking vessels. Our experience with these vessels has included interior, HVAC and electrical design and we are now expanding our offering to include also hydrodynamics, stability and structural design and analysis for any kind of platform. For more information please contact Mr. Marcus Häglund for accommodation items and Mr. Mathew Patey for hydrodynamic and other analysis.

01. Jan 2013

Changes in Foreship management.

As of January 1st Foreship has appointed Markus Aarnio as Managing Director of the Company. Janne Lietzén, the former managing director, returns to RCI where he will hold a position of AVP Newbuilding. Mr. Aarnio has earlier held the managing director position from founding of the company until the appointment of Mr. Lietzén in 2011.