The Right People

We provide high quality services by experienced employees, whether you have a small or large project. Below you can see the contact information for every employee of Foreship. Our e-mail addresses follow the principle "firstname.lastname(at)".

Lauri Haavisto

CEO, Foreship Group Ltd.
Mobile: +358-400-560 318

Kaisa Immonen

CFO, Foreship Group Ltd.
Mobile: +358-40-178 1461

Marcus Höglund

President, Foreship LLC
Mobile: +1-305-979 6638

Sven Varushkin

General Manager
Foreship OÜ
Mobile: +372-5665 1616

Mattias Jörgensen

VP Sales and Marketing
Mobile: +358-40-512 8700

Markus Aarnio

Chief Naval Architect
Mobile: +358-40-556 2262

Heikki Jäntti

VP, Quality & Project Mgmt.
Mobile: +358-40-029 7807

Janne Niittymäki

Head of Hydrodynamics
Mobile: +358-40-591 8787

Kimmo Kotisalo

Head of Structural Department
Mobile: +358-40-523 3697

Teemu Tanninen

Head of HVAC Department
Mobile: +358-44-333 5069

Ari Huttunen

Head of Ferry Design
Mobile: +358-40-567 9438

Ronny Johansson

Head of Electrical Department
Mobile: +358-40-545 1523

Olli Somerkallio

Managing Director
Foreship GmbH
Mobile: +358-40-647 2737

Jan-Erik Räsänen

Head of New Technologies
Mobile: +358-45-218 2430

Viktor Gingsjö

Head of Project Management Services
Mobile +358-40-154 5220

Samuel Engström

Head of Interior Department
Mobile +358-40-528 0421

Simojoki, Lassi

Head of Stability
Mobile +358-40-754 6321

Heinänen, Petri

Head of Machinery Department
Mobile +358-40-547 0920


Huttunen, Ari

+358-40-567 9438

Niemelä, Miika

+358-50-350 0894